Late-Night Inspiration

Crüet’s journey began when founder John had a late-night revelation in March 2015 after a grueling work shift. He was tired and frustrated, driving home, realizing that his water bottle had been sitting in his car for hours, desperately needing a good clean. The idea of finding a more efficient way to disinfect and clean bottles that had liquids lingering inside them took root during this drive.


From Sketch to Prototype

Fast forward to August 2021, after months of brainstorming and tinkering, John had his breakthrough. His initial concept, first sketched in a humble notebook, had evolved into a functional prototype. This marked a significant step in bringing Crüet to life and making it a reality.


Crüet’s Debut

Finally, after extensive development and refinement, Crüet made its debut in April 2023. With its patented design featuring food-grade silicone liners, Crüet offered a revolutionary solution to bottle cleaning and maintenance. The product’s flexibility and convenience, demonstrated by removable and interchangeable liners, quickly gained attention. Crüet bottles became a hit, simplifying people’s lives and revolutionizing bottle hygiene. Welcome to the world of Crüet!